April 2014


There is nowhere to go and nothing to be. You can’t escape yourself;
you can only be NOW.

There is no need to struggle this month; and, in fact, it will only bring you more obstacles. April is inviting you to float; to walk into the rivers of your life and lie down, lay down in the currents and see how held you are. The more you let go this month, the more you will enjoy life from that state of childlike wonder, and oh how wonderful it is!

This month the horse is out of the gate; things will race. It is not even worth it to hold onto your hat, so let go, let go, let go. Things will be shifting, doors will be opening and closing, and if you try to hold on to what was, you will only endure pain and create more resistance to what is now. We are being guided, or let’s say, put in situations to let go of obsolete relationships, power imbalances and emotional patterns. This isn’t really a fun experience, albeit a necessary one. All these shifts are in absolute alignment with soul growth and purpose! We will be processing and accomplishing much this month. Many of you won’t even be able to recognize who you were at the start of this year. This is good; don’t try to cling to anything these days. Just float down the streams of your life. The more you do, the more life will open to the beauty and magnitude of which you are.

Many of you will begin to experience ‘movement’ with travels beginning or fast  approaching; we are being moved to all the places we need for soul growth. In these times, no connection is not meaningful. We are meeting specific people and ending up in very specific places, all for our spiritual purpose and development right now.

Keep your eyes open because dynamics and ways of relating in relationships will change. You will be aware who around you is there to serve your spiritual growth or who is still playing out negative karmic games and trying to keep you indulged in outmoded ways of being. This is not a year of moving backwards, so if you are ever feeling like circumstances are feeling ‘old’ and not quite right, they are! Do what is necessary to disengage; you no longer have to play these games.

Much of humanity has forgotten its truth as a divine being of love. You have forgotten your soul’s journey – here to explore, expand and command. This has led to an imbalance that has focused its energies into mental constructs and power struggle (male dominant energy). The Planet has been undergoing a process of awakening to their truth, and now great change is upon us.  In Ascension terms, the 4th dimension is being anchored NOW. We will see a big change in time, for time as we know it has come to a close. This influx of energy IS bringing up the density or shadow aspects of the 3rd dimension to be purified and healed. These months ahead could really start to feel like you’re riding a wild horse. A good rider knows that he can’t control the horse, his 150 pounds compared to the thousand he has under him is no match, when he learns how to connect to the flow, the horse, through his body (or heart) and command through his presence, he then can guide the horse in any direction he chooses. Remember – don’t hold on to your hat this month!

We invited you last month to ‘not do’, and now its time to “not see”. You are freeing up your system, your self-image, everything you have ever identified with to allow for greater transformation and ease in your life; to begin to function off your heart center, which isn’t linear and dances through synchronicity. It’s time to move away from the solar plexus (3d), from manifesting through the mind and will, force and linear time and move into magnetism, into receiving (4d-5d), which is moving more into the Feminine principle of allowing.

Currently, the planet is receiving new harmonics that are allowing the wounded Goddess to gather her fragmented pieces and become whole. This is creating one of the biggest field shifts in the collective conscious at this time as the True Feminine, the divine Goddess reclaims her equal role. All beings hold within them masculine and feminine energies. To honor the Goddess is to heal our wounded heart and emotional body. Although women who are incarnated on the planet at this time will feel this on deeper levels, it is happening for both polarities and is extremely important for both male and females. Without allowing the Goddess to emerge and balancing the system within, it will be impossible to experience spiritual union or realization with the divine. The collective field is becoming more suited and supportive for the trinitized human (the union of masculine, feminine and God principles). It is holding the vibration now of sacred marriage with the Godhead. Spring truly is bringing the divine blueprint of balance with it.

Outdated shadow constructs, i.e. princess/hero programs – victim/perpetrator, martyr, seducer and more – are being shed. This is quickly changing the dynamics of relationships in all areas of life, including the most important one, the one within. Any relationship functioning off these models will either dismantle or go through major shifts, which for some maybe very confusing and even painful. (You may experience: massive emotional outbursts, extreme demands, roles shifting in relationships, partnerships ending or new relationships building, more trust, or overprotecting energy, martyr complexes, narcissism, etc.). When the subconscious is undergoing  and removing blockages. we often have big shifts occur in our external reality. Be gentle and kind with yourself in these times, and please always remember that what is occurring outside is always for the greatest benefit for your spirit and soul growth. The more we are consciously aware of what is occurring on the planet and active in our healing process, the less painful these karmic shifts will be. All is divinely perfect.

Control, possession, ownership in our dance with others is disappearing. A deeper sense of freedom and, therefore, joy will flood the planetary system. This will help people bond through love and spiritual growth as opposed to karmic bonds, which can hold such pain and suffering. Work is required; action is always necessary on this planet. What we are sharing with you is what is occurring and being supported by the planetary field for all beings to potentially experience. Now is a time where all people can and do have access to their truth as divine beings, but it is a choice to experience it. It is very important for every individual to become aware of where negative programs, or shadow influences, affect their lives and consciously work to remove them. If you were experiencing some of the negative effects listed above, call out to your guides and support systems for help in healing and clearing.

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This new energy is activating the solar body; it’s moving away from lunar cycles, from deep emotional and unconscious behavior that keeps us trapped and confused – not knowing why we do the things we do – and is moving us into full illumination and transparency with others. From this place – fully conscious, more grounded and stable – you’ll begin to hold a higher light quotient and experience more ease as you allow life, as you become a receptacle for it and attune with the cosmic bodies. The whole field is undergoing a very large magnetic shift as the constellations are literally changing their positions in the sky and therefore their degree of influence. This electro magnetic shift can bring with it a feeling of being utterly dismantled on all levels, of not seeing or relating to the world as you use to. This is ok; nothing is wrong and does not need to be fixed. All things are transitory and will pass.

As you practice “not seeing”, you will move away from the small story, the personality matrix, which has kept so many ‘separated’. It is a powerful tool designed to aid you, to help you practice a healthy degree of separation, where you do not see reality just from the plane you are experiencing it, but from deeper levels; sight that is aligned with the soul. In “not seeing”, you will remove labels, projections and expectations of reality around you. Your grip on how things should be softens in such you will see world fears lessen; life will literally open up to meet you. You will feel much more ease in these times.  In this action, you help yourself identify with your heart as opposed to mind. You begin to see your life as the adventure of inner growth through the reflection of outer life. You begin to see how everyone, everything plays his/her/its perfect part; forgiveness will blossom in your heart.

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The world is holding tremendous potential for you to be experiencing divine communion within and without, to be flowing through life rather than forcing life and to be finishing the time of karmic bonds. April is your time to stand fully balanced within, no matter what is going on without. This potential is here and will always be waiting here for you to access it, but you must access it. You must take action, and it is the action that arises effortlessly from within.

You are eternally supported in your journey,
Your Evolutionary Support Team.

Hope you enjoyed the news! If you have any questions please feel free
to email me at [email protected],

Kelly Noelle