Defending our faults keeps us faulted.

 There comes an undetermined point in one’s life when their self-beliefs have settled in so firmly that they accept what they see in the ‘mirror’ as who they are, they stop striving because inwardly they believe nothing will change (subconsciously don’t want to change). Reality has now clearly enforced their beliefs through experience and they have found their comfort zone. When they exist within this state, things are acceptable (often because they feel there unchangeable), everything is in accordance with their out look, and their attitude. Since their core identity isn’t being challenged in any way growth inevitably evades them.

Have you ever wondered why a complete stranger can trigger you? Have you ever seen a beautiful man or woman and instantly found a flaw and chose to exaggerate it? Have you heard of saints, or met people of high integrity or great success and chose to separate your self from them? Came up with a complete story that their either blessed in some way, came from a certain family, or were given things you were not? 

All of these triggers and behaviors come from your self-identity being threatened.

Whether we are aware of it or not All of us have built-in defense mechanisms we use to preserve or reinforce our ‘self-systems’.

“I discovered I was using this mechanism unconsciously when meeting someone self-made. They seemed to carry this eminence and power, often exuding such inner beauty that their outer self just shined. Anytime they came into the room my confidence seemed to run out the door. I couldn’t figure it out. I was a confident, bright young woman who was achieving accomplishments for her level of development. In most situations my confidence radiated and was one of the leading causes to the opportunities I had created. So in walks this type of person, more articulate, more put together, more successful, and I’d shrink, choosing not to notice the large age difference, thus not taking into account the years of practice, dedication and work they had put in their own development.”

In these situations we are responding entirely from our densest consciousness, our most limited understanding and that would be the level of I, me, mine. You guessed it, the EGO. We are responding from our self-imaging systems (can also be understood as self-enforcing or reinforcing).

*The Ego functions linearly, It needs the past and present to form an image of itself. It is not in the Now. The Ego responds in either an inferior or superior manner, it does not respond in neutrality.

So you meet someone, you get triggered, and in feeling your concept of reality/your identity being threatened you may make yourself feel inferior. When feeling inferior you might respond in trying to become superior, finding flaws or even making up stories in your head to demonstrate how you’re better or why they are ‘worse’. When feeling inferior, such as feeling ugly, stupid, or of lesser abilities, not consciously aware of yourself acting and feeling in this way, you can become defensive. We unconsciously react to the person who triggered us, as if they have deliberately made us feel this way. Consequences of this maybe jealousy, envy, aggression, and resentment etc.

This is a HUGE disservice to YOU! Not to mention, them.

*If we deny the truth in others we will deny the truth in ourselves. In other words, discredit her beauty and you have discredited yours. Reject his integrity and effort and forgo your success.

“If I, feeling inferior to the confident self-made person in the room, choose to fabricate a story of why they are better than I, how they were given more and started out in a better situation, than I would literally be stealing from myself the opportunity to experience the same achievements. I will keep myself locked at the level I’m operating at, reinforcing my current identity. In creating this story, in discrediting all the work etc. this person has gone through, I’m removing the stepping-stones I could walk from point A (current state) to point B (achieved goal).”

If there is something you want in life Bless it when you see it, be grateful for its appearance in your reality and be stoked that it’s a sign you will soon have it or embody it as well.

When we appreciate and give thanks for what we see in front of us we match our vibration to it, we literally embody the feeling of already having it. This in turn increases our ability to magnetize opportunities to complete its manifestation in our lives. The more we match our vibration with it, the more we start thinking like it, feeling it, demonstrating it, meeting other people vibrating it, having it, and on and on and on it goes until it is.

Its appearance in your life will be guaranteed.


All humans are operating from a self-image, an identity matrix that keeps us limited in its specific beliefs and perspective. We can move our consciousness up to higher spheres for greater insight

If you are feeling either inferior or superior you are acting from your ego. Move into your heart center for a clear picture of the situation.

Triggers occur at the level of Ego and show us the beliefs and projections are self-image has created.

When feeling threatened we can create fabricated stories to keep us from improving, (self-sabotage) to keep us in our comfort zone.

*It is highly valuable to become consciously aware of these stories when creating them and release them. It is necessary if you’re wishing to change and to grow from your current circumstances.

When we appreciate and give thanks for what we see in front of us we match our vibration to it, and thus manifest it in our lives. Bless it and become it.

Start BLESSING the things you Want in your life.

If you are having trouble be gentle with yourself. Close your eyes, breathe deeply and imagine moving into your heart center. Ask your thoughts and actions to be guided by your higher self.

They will be.