Direct your Mind, Master your Life

Meditation Heals the Body, Mind and Spirit.

In stillness all limitations fall away, as your soul meets the unbounded nature of Truth. In Direct your Mind, Master your Lifestillness spaciousness prevails, allowing one to traverse thousands of miles without leavingDirect your Mind, Master your Life the chair. In stillness the peace, which passeth all understanding, reverberates within your body temple in crescendos of illumination, awakening every cell, every atom to the heights of its current existence. In stillness one not only dissolves, but is found. Here in this sacred space is omniscient awareness, intuition and your unique genius; a complex seed created of light waves, frequency bands and powerful vibrations, which flowers inside of you an offering for this world, for humanity, that has never been seen before. Spirit, in all its bright bursting energy is inviting you to meet and remain in your stillness. To get to your glassy oasis within you must first traverse all the chaos and distractions at hand, you must face the part of yourself keeping you from sitting, breathing, and moving still. Meditation has profound effects on the human body. It is a tool for connecting to zero point, a place beyond space and time, with renewable energy and infinite intelligence, the very streams that nourish all of life. Here the body falls back into perfection, starting at the quantum level. Meditation has already proven its benefits in reducing blood pressure, lowering stress, balancing hormones, insomnia, psychological ailments, addictions and even cancer! For decades scientists have known that our thoughts and emotions are inextricably entwined with our cells and affect their performance. Scientist also know that our molecules, our whole system is being guided by an invisible intelligence and that they are nowhere near close to being able to produce the same results.                  Ones own body will always respond to ones state of awareness, whether you are a yogi who has been meditating for 26 years or a newbie on the scene, When you close your eyes and go within your mind will settle and the benefits of meditation will begin. In truth outside technology for achieving health is partially unnecessary when we understand the fundamental principles of our existence; that we harness, utilize and affect this intelligent life field constantly either to our detriment or benefit through our mind and emotions.           Meditation teaches us to master or to direct our minds. In general the mass population has a mind that controls them and therefore dictates their experience of reality. When we have an uncontrolled, unconscious mind programs run in our psyche such as fear, lack of self-worth, or lack in general, unbeknownst to us, feeding into our system via our emotions + thoughts, as well as penetrating out into our reality. First creating it within us and then experiencing with out the ego grabs a hold of the external event to reinforce its point or belief construct, It easily can become a downward spiral. Simply put your biography, the thoughts, emotions and story you tell most often will become your biology and even your whole reality; it’s this reason harnessing the mind through meditation, becoming consciously aware of our thoughts, directing them towards what we want to create, becomes our ultimate freedom and tool for health. You have heard it a thousand times; meditation is nothing new, but how often do you actually DO IT? Choose to explore your potential and power today, begin sitting for just 7 minutes a day. Practice focusing on one image, one thought, one feeling the whole duration to strengthen your power of concentration and therefore enhance your focus and connection with life. Or allow all things to pass through you, sit in the eternal now and watch the landscape of life pass within you and with out to develop a healthy level of detachment, either of these techniques can lead you to that treasured still point where all thoughts seem to effortlessly fade away. DISCOVER YOUR POTENTIAL AND POWER NOW!