Equality with the Angels

 “The one who thinks is not different from what is thought.” – Aristotle

It’s impossible for the perceiver and the perceived thought to be distinguished from one another. When thought is focused on through the act of feeling, breathing, or being, man communicates in union with the object, this is communion. What man thinks of in that moment he becomes, he enters into complete oneness with his focus.

“To man is promised nothing less than equality with the Angels” Gospel of Matthew (22,30)

When Man thinks of higher realms he merges into complete wholeness with his desired focus.

In every moment you have a choice,  either move towards grinding thoughts of stress, fear, doubt in worldly ideas and current dramas, or anchor your mind in the kingdom of ‘Heaven’ a realm where most feel nothing can harm you. Move beyond all sickness, pain and suffering; filled with everlasting Love, Wisdom, Guidance, Abundance, and Beauty. This is the choice of the Hero’s path, and it is asked of every human being.
Transcend the weight and limitation of your sorrows with contemplation on Angels, Peace, Love, Freedom, Unity or whatever personally suits you best. You literally will begin to move out of the lower-base energies of the world and transcend towards the truth of your essence. In each communion, your heart and soul is bathed in a new energy(different neuropeptides, which create a different chemical reaction for your cells to act within), allowing your ability to break out of the mass bondage of the matrix, the grips of the ego, is strengthened. You liberate yourself into the fullness of your being. Your ascension/evolution is a feeling process. Eagerly question, where you are placing your allegiance, is it to the suffering of the world or its liberation?

Your thoughts are the stepping-stones to your freedom, to the world’s evolution. Choose wisely.

The words you speak become the house you live inHafiz

In the process of communing in higher realms, one literally becomes these realms themselves, It is the destiny of Man to have equality with the Angels. In thinking of Angels, of Love, Source, Unity and so on, you become one with this energy and become the living manifestation of it. ‘Heaven’ always been, and will always remain Now.