Four Faults

Preventing us from realizing the nature of mind in the now.

1) The nature of mind is just too close to be recognized. Just as we are unable to see our own face, mind finds it difficult to look into its own nature. The solution: We project what is inside outwards on ‘external’ reality. To begin to discover your beliefs, characteristics, fears, flaws and beauty examine what you say often, feel about others and experience in reality. 2) It is too profound for us to fathom. We have no idea how deep it could be; if we did, we would have already, to a certain extent, realized it. The solution: Since we cannot fathom the immensity and exquisite beauty of the mind we humble ourselves knowing that we don’t have all the answers; there is so much we don’t understand. We can let go of our judgments of others and trust that all is held in Divinity, a true platform of perfect Love. 3) It is too easy for us to believe. In reality, all we need do is simply to rest in the naked, pure awareness of the nature of mind, which is simple and present. The solution: The easiest answers are always over looked, through your humility you can surrender your know it all nature and simply bask in the moment. As you surrender answers will spontaneously arise.  4) It is too wonderful for us to accommodate. The sheer immensity of it is too vast to fit into our narrow way of thinking. We just can’t believe it. Nor can we possibly imagine that enlightenment is the real nature of our minds. The solution: Celebrate more and more. Remember that as one passes on to the next realm all blemishes, all pain dissolves, all questions answered, all illnesses healed. Celebrate your victory and the victory of all of life and you will begin to see this heavenly realm.