Emotional Health


One time session for one issue


At the root cause of all imbalances is a negative belief often to do with not feeling lovable or enough in our lives or taking on a negative habit that at one point in our lives had helped our survival. For those dealing with anxiety, depression, phobias, panic attacks, emotional and physical abuse,  etc. These sessions address the root cause behind the unwanted emotion, restores harmony and brings the body back into homeostasis.

Thank you for sitting with me tonight. You’re a beautiful being and a great coach. You’ve helped me learn how to get in touch with myself, and how to let myself be me. You’ve made hypnosis a very approachable and comfortable experience. Thank you.

Jeremy Steinhaus


I went through an experience of being in complete overwhelm. I was experiencing a gripping anxiety that would hit me out of nowhere and render me non-functional. I was literally white knuckling my way. I was very fortunate to be introduced to Kelly, her guided sessions provided a sense of hope and calm. Kelly showed me how to look at my fear and how to begin to transform it. My journey out of the dark was surprisingly fast and soon I was part of the thriving world again. If Anxiety did arise I was no longer completely overwhelmed by it and I never once experienced anxiety in the same way that I had prior. I would recommend working with Kelly if you are wanting to take a real look at what is going on underneath the surface and do some real work of the self. Working with her is not a masking of symptoms or a temporary feel good, it is an opportunity to dig deep into oneself and make real change.

Ryan Clements

Fire Fighter

Thank you so much for the gift of healing you gave me Kelly! I cannot express the immense gratitude I feel! I had an immediately palpable effect, a surge of energy & lightness that has extended through the past few days, but these effects have not stopped growing. Today I feel a huge wave of deep gratitude, & new eyes seeing all the blessings in my life that I’ve been blind to. I have had a fair amount of  coaching before, but rarely has it had such a profound effect, & never before have I gained such immediate clarity. You said some things that made me cry, because I felt the truth of them in my bones instantly, even though they were new to me. What is most profound in your work is the feeling that you’ve planted a seed of light that will keep growing & growing.