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One time session for one issue.

At the root cause of all illness is a negative belief often to do with not feeling lovable, good enough, or deserving. Or there is a negative habit that formed to help one cope with or even survive a challenging situation.  You'll access the root cause behind your trouble area, i.e. depression, over eating, financial blocks, anxiety, phobia, etc. dismantle it and reprogram the mind. Understanding is power and once you understand the cause of something it no longer holds power over you.

You'll also receive a transformational recording to continue your healing process in the following month. Some individuals report noticing changes in the first 1-3 days, however the majority start noticing a change about two weeks in. The most successful stories come from individuals that put the work in and listened to their recording daily!

For more than 20 years I have suffered from chronic pain. I went to doctors, psychiatrists and hospitals trying to get some relief, but the pain continually got worse. In my quest for answers, I came across Kelly. In our first session, she was able to reveal core issues of my “malfunctioning”, without me ever mentioning anything of my past to her! In 9 months, I have gone from being on 12 medications down to 4, and my immune system is so strong that when every member of my family is down with colds and the flu, I don’t get sick at all. Today, I have a hunger for wellness, a zest for life, and the determination to get better – FINALLY. 

Tina Coates

I went through an experience of being in complete overwhelm. I was experiencing a gripping anxiety that would hit me out of nowhere and render me non-functional. I was literally white knuckling my way. I was very fortunate to be introduced to Kelly, her guided sessions provided a sense of hope and calm. Kelly showed me how to look at my fear and how to begin to transform it. My journey out of the dark was surprisingly fast and soon I was part of the thriving world again. If Anxiety did arise I was no longer completely overwhelmed by it and I never once experienced anxiety in the same way that I had prior. I would recommend working with Kelly if you are wanting to take a real look at what is going on underneath the surface and do some real work of the self. Working with her is not a masking of symptoms or a temporary feel good, it is an opportunity to dig deep into oneself and make real change.

Ryan Clements

Fire Fighter

I had the pleasure to receive a session with Kelly recently and it was amazing. Her astute gift for seeing into my health concern beyond the physical symptom was amazing. Kelly possesses the rare ability to gain insight into the many layers and dimensions in which an imbalance can manifest in the body. She is able to perceive the, spiritual, emotional and energetic threads through her clear and centered intuition in a way that was very supportive in my healing process to the core. In addition to providing a richly multidimensional and in-depth reading, Kelly gave me practical nutritional steps to help me purify and resolve the health challenge, which I’ll add began to improve the very next day! I highly recommend Kelly as a wise counselor and uniquely talented coach for profound healing, self-understanding and gentle spiritual growth.

Lórien Eck

Visionary Artist