One time session for one issue.


At the root cause of all illness is a negative belief often to do with not feeling lovable, good enough, or deserving. Or there is a negative habit that formed to help one cope with or even survive a challenging situation.  You'll access the root cause behind your trouble area, i.e. depression, over eating, financial blocks, anxiety, phobia, etc. dismantle it and reprogram the mind. Understanding is power and once you understand the cause of something it no longer holds power over you.

You'll also receive a transformational recording to continue your healing process in the following month. Some individuals report noticing changes in the first 1-3 days, however the majority start noticing a change about two weeks in. The most successful stories come from individuals that put the work in and listened to their recording daily!

Thank you so much for the gift of healing you gave me Kelly! I cannot express the immense gratitude I feel! I had an immediately palpable effect, a surge of energy & lightness that has extended through the past few days, but these effects have not stopped growing. Today I feel a huge wave of deep gratitude, & new eyes seeing all the blessings in my life that I’ve been blind to. I have had a fair amount of “healing work” done before, but rarely has it had such a profound effect, & never before have I gained such immediate clarity. You said some things that made me cry, because I felt the truth of them in my bones instantly, even though they were new to me. What is most profound in your work is the feeling that you’ve planted a seed of light that will keep growing & growing.



I recently had an opportunity for a face-to-face session with Kelly. Not only was it a pleasure to be in her company, but the session itself was so profound and revealing that I consider it one of the best “readings” of my Life journey and soul I have ever had! She was so focused and present  and helped me clarify some issues that needed attention. She also provided further understanding about life circumstances, how I approach things, and what I might do to help myself make choices that truly benefit me on my Path. Her energy in person is vibrant and powerful!  I highly recommend her to all. 

Diane Burns

Piano Teacher

The session with Kelly was amazing! She brought clarity and understanding into my question and during the transformation part of the session I felt a big burden leaving my heart and being replaced by a beautiful sense of inner peace. Her voice is very medicinal too, very soothing, calming and grounding, like it was coming from the angelic realm. Cant wait to have another session! 


Life Coach