Personal Development Pckg


We target one goal and multiple trouble areas impeding progress in that area over the course of 5wks.


This package is for those looking to up level their lives, improve their mental, physical and spiritual bodies to up level their overall well being achieve their life goals. I also recommend this package for those working to overcome deep seated emotional pain, childhood trauma, memory loss, PTSD and more.

Kelly has helped me see my problems in a new light, which gave me a great sense of freedom. I am grateful for all the love that she pours into her work.  I was most surprised when a pain I’d had for over 10 years and was still discussing in therapy, was resolved with her direct, but simple re-frame tools. Kelly has taught me about positive psychology, visualization, meditation, and so much more. Each session I learn something new about myself, and my journey. If you’re on the fence go for it,  you have nothing to loose and everything to gain.

Craig Beresin

Wealth Management , UBS