One time session for one trouble area.


Improve relationships in any area from family, to coworkers to lovers. Remove blocks around your inner love, increase confidence and self esteem to become more attractive. Leave unhealthy relationships, improve boundaries and self worth. Start attracting healthy individuals. Embrace your lovability and learn that you Are Enough. Improve your sex life, cultivate deep respect and ignite passion.

The opportunity to have a session with Kelly came at a time when I was shut down to my partner and to life; in limbo.  In fact, when my partner mentioned the possibility I said, “no thanks, that’s not really my thing.”  Within a few days we were synchronistically placed in the same place at the same time and it was clear that the only next step was to open to a session. Entering the session as a newbie, there were no expectations.  Yet, there was a sense that the experience is/was extraordinarily special.  Kelly is/was calm, clear, and concise. I was surprised by the areas at which she immediately honed in on and those that came through the deeper we went. In the end, working with Kelly is/was like engaging across the various dimensions of self that often seem unreachable.  I was left with an incredible sense of peace, knowing, and heart opening that may not have otherwise been attainable.  


Health Food Store Owner