This is for those wanting VIP support to achieve their goals and transform into the version of themselves they’ve always known they could be. This course runs for two months with weekly calls, assignments and audios.


You'll pick your most important goals you're ready to achieve now and during the transformation process areas that can be improved are (but not limited to): Confidence + Self Esteem, Passion + Energy, Improved Focus and Memory, Better Sleep, Improved Health, Magnetic Attraction, Improved Relationships + Communication, Improved Health + Wealth!

This package is also recommended for those dealing with chronic illness, a desire to come off medications, orĀ those working to overcome deep seated emotional pain, childhood trauma, memory loss, PTSD and more.

Wow. What an experience I had with Kelly. Let me just tell you straight up — Kelly is an absolute ***TOP*** class therapistĀ for those serious about moving into their highest potential and seeking an extremely comprehensive upgrade and increased connection with their own inner clarity, truth and guidance. After my session with Kelly my life became MUCH more clear, vibrant and alive. I am able to see with a higher, finer, fuller, awareness and consciousness, which has led to a new way of finding solutions to everything. Kelly is professional, mega gifted, the real deal, a complete natural in energetic arts. Your session is like an imprint that stays with you and is accessible later. Since connecting with Kelly, my life has improved in all aspects.

Nathan Mooney

Co Owner, La Botanica Organica