Rapid Transformational Experience


We target one area over 30 days. Uncover the underlying reasons for your challenge/issue and change it at the subconscious level while integrating a powerful new belief system using your analytical, conscious mind to anchor it.


How does it work?

Step one: Discover + Recover

  • To truly overcome what's been blocking your health, career, finances or relationships we need to discover the root cause of the pattern or illness, which often is a negative imprint such as, "cancer runs in my family so I'm likely to have it," to negative beliefs such as, "I'm not enough" or "Thats not available to me." Once discovered we need to regain possession, recover this belief into one that works for you.

Step two: Rewire + Reinforce

  • Here we integrate your new subconscious beliefs into your daily life. This means repetition and coaching your conscious mind and body to direct your energy, attention and awareness towards the things you do want and away from the things you don’t want. This requires tools and guidance to raise your awareness and make sure you’re moving in the right direction.

Step three: Rebuild + Reward

  • Here youre in the final stretch of truly making a new connection in your brain and completely rewiring to your desired outcome. It's crucial you create your desire through aligned, consistent action that pushes you past your comfort zone to train your brain you are ready for something new. Your brain is wired to do more of the things that bring you pleasure, so its vital and essential that you acknowledge and celebrate every success you have, no matter how big or how small. Rewarding yourself early and often creates a positive feedback loop that creates changes that STICK.

Kelly has helped me see my problems in a new light, which gave me a great sense of freedom. I am grateful for all the love that she pours into her work.  I was most surprised when a pain I’d had for over 10 years and was still discussing in therapy, was resolved with her direct, but simple re-frame tools. Kelly has taught me about positive psychology, visualization, meditation, and so much more. Each session I learn something new about myself, and my journey. If you’re on the fence go for it,  you have nothing to loose and everything to gain.

Craig Beresin

Wealth Management , UBS

I had the pleasure to receive a session with Kelly recently and it was amazing. Her astute gift for seeing into my health concern beyond the physical symptom was amazing. Kelly possesses the rare ability to gain insight into the many layers and dimensions in which an imbalance can manifest in the body. She is able to perceive the, spiritual, emotional and energetic threads through her clear and centered intuition in a way that was very supportive in my healing process to the core. In addition to providing a richly multidimensional and in-depth reading, Kelly gave me practical nutritional steps to help me purify and resolve the health challenge, which I’ll add began to improve the very next day! I highly recommend Kelly as a wise counselor and uniquely talented coach for profound healing, self-understanding and gentle spiritual growth.

Lórien Eck

Visionary Artist

The opportunity to have a session with Kelly came at a time when I was shut down to my partner and to life; in limbo.  In fact, when my partner mentioned the possibility I said, “no thanks, that’s not really my thing.”  Within a few days we were synchronistically placed in the same place at the same time and it was clear that the only next step was to sign up! Entering the first session as a newbie, there were no expectations.  Yet, there was a sense that the experience is/was extraordinarily special.  Kelly is/was calm, clear, and concise. I was surprised by the areas at which she immediately honed in on and those that came through the deeper we went. In the end, working with Kelly is/was like engaging across the various dimensions of self that often seem unreachable.  I was left with an incredible sense of peace, knowing, and heart opening that may not have otherwise been attainable.


Co owner, La Botanica Organica