If the spiritual path is supposed to be so good, than why is my life falling apart?

(Find out how to lessen the pain at the bottom!) This is a very common experience for dedicated seekers on the path, so why does this happen? First it’s important to remember that God (spirit, divinity, you pick) is GOOD, always. Every circumstance is designed to support your highest spiritual growth and God is no respecter of persons. This can be seen in two ways, that no one is better or above than another, we all have equal opportunity, and secondly that Spirit doesn’t ‘respect’ your person (personality), it serves your Spirit and those two may just have conflicting outlooks, thus the pain. It’s understood that we have accumulated a lot through living on this planet, we have rigid beliefs and opinions on what life is, on who we are, and how things should function for maximum pleasure. All of which, I’m afraid to say is illusory.

 Spirit functions to remove the veil(ego) and bring in Truth.

Spiritual development is uncomfortable at times, but there is no point to avoid this growth as Life just is UNCOMFORTABLE at times. Chaotic/painful changes arise out of the necessity to be healed. Pain shows us the areas where we have lived in fear, anger, and all general lower vibrations of life. It shows us what needs to be transcended so that we may move beyond ego’s mental control and into the higher intelligence of Spirit. It’s an opportunity to develop Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, and self-acceptance. If you try to resist the issue and ignore the inner work that has been called for, you will remain stagnant, which happens to increase the uncomfortability and pain, because you are acting out of alignment with your highest self, this realization may be unconscious but it is none the less painful to experience. If you keep avoiding the growth then life will simply keep bringing you circumstances of upheaval. Pain arises from the attachment to the old identity/ego and all the forms and structures associated with it, such as beliefs, that are being deconstructed. The more you are willing to let go of these mental forms the easier it will be. Your personality, your self-image is composed of related beliefs, programs and experiences that are based on false truths. They have been picked up from other’s influences and opinions in your life. Spirit comes in to remove these and bring you to Enlightenment. Unfortunately because of the way our mind is designed, as a survival mechanism the process can become quite painful, because through our innate structure we have come to think that we are our identity and we must do anything to preserve it, letting go of just a simple belief can literally feel like a death of self.

I always like to say that the degree of the burn is dependent upon the amount of resistance, meaning that the more you cling to your identity and beliefs and put them before God, before Spirit, before Truth, the more painful the circumstance is going to feel during the transformation.

This transformation happens effortlessly out of necessity. Spirit is reconfiguring you to open to greater heights of Awareness, which in turn leads to greater peace and joy. It is only the transition phase that can be a little uncomfortable. God isn’t limited, he will reconstruct us on all levels, illumination can come through negative manifestations such as the loss of a job, deaths, diseases, dramatic events, or they can be willingly brought on from the advanced spiritual seeker, making it easier in the external realm. Rather than see the arrival of hardship as a negative it should be recognized and actually welcomed as a sign and opportunity for radical growth and healing. When you choose to ‘wake up’ all the imbalances, dirt, pain, trauma etc. come up to get resolved. In the end you discover you were always in Spirit, you always had this love but you acquired blemishes keeping you from this realization. They have simply come up to be cleansed away.

We should also rejoice knowing that it is in the darkness, the hard times, that our character is fortified. It is the time when our gifts are revealed and our souls made Perfect. These times are well worth it.

Again these painful, even chaotic times come to dissolve the ego, for it is the transcendence of the small self that we are all looking for, it’s here that we find eternal Peace, complete understanding, full healing, and blissful Love. If we try to avoid this truth the Drama will only increase getting louder and louder until we face our ‘demons’ and triumph. There is nowhere to run, once you have ‘swallowed the pill.’ That’s it, the ride is on. Turn to face the hardships, knowing that they can’t actually hurt you, and all is merely a reflection of your internal landscape, guiding your spiritual path and lifestyle into grace and peace. And I will tell you from experience, the more you willingly participate, the more you learn and the easier it gets. Practice makes perfect, the process of transformation can become as simple as breathing and as easy as smiling.  
  • Support yourself in these times with humility, perhaps you don’t know it all and God has something bigger and better for you in store!
  • Be ready and willing to let it all go, remember you can’t bring anything with you anyway when you pass on! When you let go in Faith you are rewarded big time, Trust me!
  • Develop compassion, when you incase yourself with love and forgiveness, with the full power and empathy of compassion, the raging waves of inner torment will soften and give you the strength to carry through.