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Stilling the Storm Retreat

Findhorn, Scotland 

– Cold Water Activation

– Waterfalls

– Dynamic Meditation

– Chaga Foraging + Elixirs

– Mystical Nature Walks

– Positive Psychology 

 What I teach is not a pancea, it wont innoculate you against sadness or sheild you from shock or loss, but it will help develop your resilence, show you where your unbreakable point is and help you face life head on from a more empowered and stable place. 







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22nd – 26th of August, 2019 

Become the person you choose to be, someone who faces life feeling lighter, stronger, wiser and more helpful.


Join us in Northern Scotland by the Findhorn River where powerful portals, and ley lines converge creating an amplified space of healing.

Each day we will journey inwards through the still point within, accessing the doorway to abounding Peace and True Freedom. You will learn effective coping strategies to face past trauma and integrate stress.

In this all inclusive retreat we will blend silence, meditation, nature and holistic practices to identify our trouble areas. The inner stirrings of unprocessed emotions are sure to arise. You will learn how to embrace these emotions gracefully allowing them to integrate into your being in a rapid fashion for growth and grounding.

We will dive deep and master the art of authentic ocmmunication, when to experience strong emotions, when to disengage from them and how to so swiftly and safely.

You are pure potentiality not bound by time or space, you have access to untold Knowledge, Power and Love, which is continuously supporting your highest good. Scotland is a mystical space that helps us to traverse realms both within and without. Can’t wait to see you there! 


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