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Pain is Inevitable, Suffering is Optional   

First time sessions are generally 60-90minutes and the following repeat sessions are 60 minutes. I offer coaching in Person in Greenwich, CT.  or via Skype, FB. All sessions are recorded for your convenience. 




Get in touch for a free 20 minute consultancy to learn in depth how I’ll work with and support you. You’ll also learn which program is right for you and receive tools to deal with your current challenges!

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1:1 Self-Mastery

 I use a three phase coaching system to target your core issues, integrate and heal trigger points and traumas, develop resilience and achieve your next level of personal development. In each stage I use proven techniques in positive psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy, and mindfulness. During this session you’ll gain a thorough understanding of the True issue you’re facing and the context in which you’re responding to it. Using a big-picture-mindset you’ll overcome “negative circumstances” and find renewed energy.  You’ll leave with clarity and skill sets to reduce stress, develop resilience and achieve your next level of personal development.

*Each session involves intuitive readings. 


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For more than 20 years I have suffered from chronic pain, anxiety and depression. I went to doctors, psychiatrists and hospitals trying to get some relief, but the pain and panic attacks continually got worse. In my quest for answers, I came across Kelly. In our first session, she was able to reveal core issues of my “malfunctioning”, without me ever mentioning anything of my past to her! In 9 months, I have gone from being on 12 medications down to 4, and my immune system is so strong that when every member of my family is down with colds and the flu, I don’t get sick at all. Today, I have a hunger for wellness, a zest for life, and the determination to get better – FINALLY. I’m gaining strength day by day, as I grow mentally, physically and spiritually. Eternal love and gratitude to Miss Kelly Noelle for bringing me back from the walking dead!

Tina Coates

Energetic Blueprint

In this full intuitive reading you will gain unique access into the energetic makeup of your soul and how that expresses through your personality and purpose in life. As Einstein says, “Everything is energy, everything is vibration.” Being born as a clairvoyant and training in the field for over a decade, I have a unique ability to see individuals energy blueprint, where they resonate in the field of consciousness and aspects of their conscious and unconscious expressions.


In this reading you will gain rare access to:


* How energy moves in your body

* Your innate genius 

* How to direct this energy to unlock this genius and leave your legacy 

* Unconscious programmed expressions (keeping you from your genius) 

* How to move from the unconscious to the conscious aspects (3 areas)


Cost: $100.00




Nathan Mooney

Kelly is an absolute ***TOP*** class intuitive for those serious about moving into their highest potential and seeking an extremely comprehensive energy field upgrade and increased connection with their own inner clarity, truth and guidance. After my session with Kelly my life, in its total energetic blueprint became MUCH more clear, vibrant and alive. I am able to see with a higher, finer, fuller, awareness and consciousness, which has led to a new way of finding solutions to everything.


When I had my first reading with Kelly it amazed me how much she told me about myself, without knowing me prior to our conversation. I am in complete awe of what Kelly was able to share about the core of my deepest self, and I am so grateful and excited to begin this new journey of self-discovery and rebirth with her; physically, mentally and spiritually.

Diane Burns

The session was so accurate and revealing that I consider it one of the best “readings” I have ever had! She was so focused and present  and helped me clarify some issues that needed attention. She also provided further insight and understanding about how I approach things, and what I might do to help myself make choices that truly benefit me on my Path. I found Kelly to be sincere, dedicated, truly gifted and a true “seer”. I highly recommend her to all. 


“The reading I got from Kelly was amazing! She brought clarity and understanding into my question and during the healing part of the session I felt a big burden leaving my heart and being replaced by a beautiful sense of inner peace. Her voice is very medicinal too, very soothing, calming and grounding, like it was coming from the angelic realm. Cant wait to have another session !

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De-Stress 3 Series

The 3 series builds off the 1:1 session and delves deeper into the three phase healing process. It’s designed to specifically target and transform your greatest trouble area in life. It helps with feelings of lack luster or emotional distress and brings new perspective and vigor for life. 

After identifying the current area you want to improve we begin doing “emotional dives”. These sessions can be very intense and can require down time after. The 3 series occurs over three weeks with personalized reading and assignments to do after each session with brief check ins. 

You’ll gain new skill sets to reduce stress, the foresight to see potential upheaval and the ability to live with greater immunity to life circumstances. 


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Returning Client?


Kelly is such a beautiful inspiration to me of what all people can achieve when they set their intentions.  She has taught me about positive psychology, visualization, meditation, and so much more.  Each session I learn something new about myself, and my journey.  Kelly has helped me see my problems in a new light, which gave me a great sense of freedom. I am grateful for all the love that she pours into her work.  I was most surprised when a pain I’d had for over 10 years and was still discussing in therapy, was resolved with her direct, but simple re-frame tools. If you’re on the fence go for it. You have nothing to loose and everything to gain.

Craig Beresin

VP Wealth Management, UBS

Genesis Coaching Package

The Genesis program is a three month intensive targeted for individuals stuck in chronic stress, living with mental /physical illness, or for those simply ready to up level their life.

It takes commitment, consistency and courage to do inner work and go for the lasting breakthrough. We will extensively breakdown the events and mindsets that have brought you to your current place and will dive into committed practices of mindfulness through a personalized program I create for you. The presence of consistent high quality support is a fundamental agent in achieving this and progressing your current reality toward your desired goals.

*This is for serious individuals that are ready to step into their power, own their S*** and commit to a life-changing process, which naturally feels good and begins catalyzing the process of transformation. It’s required that we have already worked together before you can be considered for the program.

Gain access to your unbreakable point. 

 Never Mistake Outward Experience for Reality

– Huang Po


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Returning Client?


In 2016, I went through an experience of being in complete overwhelm. I was experiencing a gripping anxiety that would hit me out of nowhere and render me non-functional. I was literally white knuckling my way. I was very fortunate to be introduced to Kelly, her guided sessions provided a sense of hope and calm. Kelly showed me how to look at my fear and how to begin to transform it. My journey out of the dark was surprisingly fast and soon I was part of the thriving world again. If Anxiety did arise I was no longer completely overwhelmed by it and I never once experienced anxiety in the same way that I had prior. I would recommend working with Kelly if you are wanting to take a real look at what is going on underneath the surface and do some real work of the self. Working with her is not a masking of symptoms or a temporary feel good, it is an opportunity to dig deep into oneself and make some real change.

Ryan Clements

Fire Fighter

Stilling The Storm Mastery Class


Stilling the Storm Mastery Class is an Exclusive Retreat held over a week with a 5 day intensive, either in the luscious landscapes of Kauai or the mystical river parks in Scotland. 

This is for people who are ready to commit to a life-changing process to reset and find their unbreakable point. Will develop your flexibility and balance in life to deal with stressful circumstances and traumatic events. 

– Learn when to experience strong emotions and when to disengage from them 

– Develop authentic communication and vulnerability to deepen your connection with self and others 

– Master the art of taking actions to propel forward and taking breaks to reenergize