Kelly Noelle

It’s my mission to help those I work with achieve a stress-free inner world, invulnerable to negative circumstance, so that they live founded in peace no matter their environment.

Why can I help? 

Before my education and training my life experiences intimately trained me on how to overcome hardships and utilize each event for benefit; as fuel for success, which led me down a career path in personal development. I’ve since been coaching for 10+ years. I’m a certified Strategic Intervention Coach, Hypnotherapist, a CT State Sexual Assault Advocate/Educator, with a background in Stress Management, Personal Development and also work as a Rapid Transformational Therapist.  

Since I was a young girl I’ve been fascinated about life, human potential, and discovering what our true purpose is. It has led me down an immense path of personal discovery and healing. I’ve traveled around the globe pushing my limits and exposing my self to different cultures and vantage points. I’ve lived outside for a year, lived in the jungle and slept in the dirt. I’ve explored meditation caves, met world renowned healers, I’ve witnessed the miraculous, and studied with breatharians. I’ve lived in exquisite mansions built and run retreat centers, spent months in solitude, and faced a near death experience.

Through all this I’ve learned many things, but the one that stands out is that suffering is an inescapable aspect of being human, no matter the environment you’re living in! Learning to work with and accept these challenging emotions is key to true happiness and health. I’ve found that there is a bedrock of peace, guidance and endless renewal energy that can transform everything, even the “endless pit of despair.” It wasn’t easy to discover, but worth every waking second of the struggle and this bedrock is in you.    

I fill my free time exploring science, the metaphysical, different spiritual teachings, the laws of resonance, neuroscience, psychology and my personal favorites silence and nature.   

The aim of my work is for you not to depend on therapy, but to develop the skill sets that allow you to walk with grace and balance through the whirlwinds of life as you actually achieve your dreams.   

I have an unceasing passion for coaching and helping those in pain or emotional distress. Life brought this gift out of me and what took me over a decade to figure out, to fortify and refine through years of training, I now offer to you through condensed techniques, based on proven science.