Kelly Noelle

I have been shaped through experience, by spirit, for the benefit of all life….

and I have been brought low so I can help others be brought high.


It’s my mission to help those I work with achieve a stress-free inner world invulnerable to negative circumstance, so that they live founded in peace no matter their environment.

Why can I help? 

Before I acquired stress management credentials and became certified in Strategic Intervention Coaching through Robbins-Madanes Training, life had already intimately trained me on how to overcome hardships and utilize all experience for benefit; as fuel for success.  

Growing up I faced incest, multiple rapes, emotional/mental/physical abuse, and severe brain-trauma. I have had my reality, beliefs, comforts, and all I hold dear stripped away to reveal the essence within, that can never be touched, withered or destroyed. I discovered a bedrock of peace, guidance and endless renewal energy that can transform everything, even the “endless pit of despair.” It wasn’t easy, but it was worth the struggle.

 While I helped myself achieve integration of my trauma(stress), I learned how to unravel pain, reframe negative circumstances and transform unhealthy emotions. As my stress integrated my anxiety disappeared and my quality of health greatly improved. I started sleeping through the night and generally felt excited about living. 

Life brought the gift of coaching out of me and what took me over a decade to figure out, to fortify and refine through years of training, I now offer you through condensed techniques, based on proven science.  

 It’s an honor and joy to help those I work with achieve a state of inner coherency.