Kelly Noelle

It’s my mission to help individuals achieve a stress-free inner world through Hypnosis & Transformative Coaching so they live empowered and invulnerable to negative circumstance; founded in peace no matter their environment.

Why can I help?  

I’ve been coaching for over 12 years. I’m a certified Strategic Intervention Coach, a Hypnotherapist, a Sexual Assault Advocate/Educator, with a background in Stress Management, Personal Development and work as a Rapid Transformational Therapist.

The aim of my work is for you not to depend on therapy, but to develop the skill sets that empower you so you can transform the hurtles you come up against in the future.  

I have an unceasing passion for coaching and helping those in pain or emotional distress. Life brought this gift out of me and what took me over two decades to figure out, to fortify and refine through years of training, I now offer to you through condensed techniques, based on proven science.   

More About Me:

Human potential, consciousness and discovering the true purpose of existence have fascinated me and filled my daily contemplation since I was a young girl. This mystery of life and human potential has led me down an immense path of personal discovery and healing as I traveled around the globe pushing my boundaries and exposing my self to different cultures and vantage points. I’ve explored meditation caves, met and studied with breatharians, lived outside for a year, studied with Peruvian shamans and spent months in solitude. I’ve explored ashrams, fasting, and many different healing modalities and diets. I’ve had the honor of intimate discussions with quantum physicists, health leaders, I’ve witnessed the miraculous, and have been blessed to study with powerful healers on this earth.  

The list of my adventures are long, too long to list here, but after meeting with all walks of life (princely and lowly),  I’ve discovered what many have come to learn before me, first: the thread that connects and unites all humanity in equality is our feelings. We all feel the same emotions and all desire to feel seen, to feel loved and to achieve happiness.  

And secondly that Suffering is an inescapable aspect of being human, no matter the environment you’ve been born into or are living in.  

Suffering and other slow frequency emotions such as hatred, jealousy and feelings of stress wreak havoc in the body and lead to mental health issues and physical ailments. And so if challenging emotions are guaranteed in life and cause so much damage it’s imperative that we learn how to work with these feelings. Becoming the master of our emotions and choosing to create our feeling states is the secret to achieving a healthy, wonderful life that surpasses even your own dreams.